Cancer born on january 28 horoscope

January 28 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

You can not disrupt people who are born on the January 28 or limit their freedom. They are Aquariuses after all, and they appreciate their freedom above everything. They are the people who adore travelling, and they prefer adventures that are unusual, exotic and distant destinations, and not boring tours or cruises on the big ships that most people love, for example — they are different and are not afraid to show it.

These people are pioneers in every sense of the word and not one who only blindly follow others -they have their own rules and principles, and stubbornly stick to them. Almost all representatives of the January 28 have a very unusual and creative sense of communication — they talk so that, when you talk to these people you have the feeling that every corner of the world is theirs.

Planetary Row

After all, they are true, honest and do not flee from their nature. Some theories say that even on their faces you can see the tenderness, and it is said that they will rarely have a rough appearance or a strict view. When we are talking about their ambition, we could say that these people are ambitious, but also very fair towards other people.

They like to work in the team and to contribute constructively to the team.

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They will achieve the best results in any job when they have clear and defined tasks — it can be said that there are not top leaders as many Aquarius are , which in no way mean that they are unsuccessful. When it comes to love, they are very emotional, devoted, faithful partners and lovers, and they tend to be long-term relationships.

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Unlike many other representatives of the Aquarius sign in the Zodiac system of symbols, they hate experimenting in love and are prone to stability and strong connection with their partners. They are calling people, and maybe sometimes, they are partners who show a lot of compassionate nature. If you plan to win people who celebrate their birthdays on the January 28, try to be very moderate in everything you do.

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Birth Horoscope. Each zodiac sign has a period of one month. Planets Explore all about the 9 Agents of God — the 9 Planets. See the world from an emotional point of view and learn to explore from within. Cancer zodiac signs don't really get the luxury of pretending to be something that they are not.

You must not put it to the thought that you are strenuous, persistent, lonely, unscrupulous. Emit gentle energy, be seductive and above all romantic. Regarding their life purpose, talents and their careers, we could say that the people of the January 28 are extremely talented in many ways than one. Art is the area where they shine the most, and even when their art is not a real-life call, they tend to show themselves in that sphere or through some hobby, or they will choose a creative work that will satisfy their artistic needs.

They intend to make this world a better place, for all humanity, and this is something that is same for all people who are under the government of the Aquarius.

January 28 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Such a grandiose approach can act irresistibly when you first meet people of the January 28, and they are real geniuses when it comes to thoughts and new ideas. They are also inventive and original people in the work environment, and they able to deliver incredible and creative solutions, all to change the world or at least some of its smaller parts.

An intellectual, a humanitarian and a visionary, a typical representative of this date of birth are usually non-commercial and with the admiration of a crazy scientist in himself.


How can we symbolically describe people who are born on the January 28? We could say that their element is air, that their colour is indigo blue, and that their lucky number is Find ways to stay grounded and clear your mind—perhaps sit someplace quiet with a cup of tea to engage your senses and connect with your physical being.

Your planetary ruler Mercury squares off with Uranus today, leading to some brilliant ideas; however, tension or irritability is likely to be in the air. The Moon enters Cancer this afternoon, activating the financial sector of your chart. Brilliant ideas will arrive today, but so will some unexpected surprises, especially at work and in your relationships. The Moon enters your sign today, encouraging you to touch base with your needs.

Breakthroughs in communication and thinking will arrive today.

Your planetary ruler Mercury makes a tense yet exciting connection with electric Uranus this morning, bringing unexpected surprises and brilliant ideas. The Moon enters Cancer this afternoon, finding you connecting with friends.

Personality and Character

Get here the full astrology profile of someone born under January 28 zodiac which contains Aquarius sign details, love compatibility. There is something in the nature of January 28th born than and her mother dying of cancer while she was pregnant with her first child.

The Moon enters nurturing water sign Cancer today, shifting your focus to your work and reputation. Watch out for communication issues or unexpected scheduling conflicts today, Scorpio. The Moon enters fellow Water sign Cancer this afternoon, encouraging you to focus on the big picture.

The energy is impulsive today, Sagittarius.