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The fact that Valens was complaining that some authors wrote "mystically" should have been a hint that not all from that era wrote as plainly as Valens did. In the end, what really matters is the integrity of the thinking on the subject.

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But the most important reason why I'm preserving what I wrote about Schmidt's works is because they have been persistently marginalized by the astrological community since the late 90's. This strange aversion that the astrological community has to this material is the reason why I named this site "The Lost Horoscope X-Files" so many years ago. I am among a small group of people who've received direct tutoring from Robert Schmidt over the years.

There were others too, but this was my circle of acquaintances.

Apologies to anyone I may have left out who were original OG's. Schmidt helped Demetra develop their Hellenistic astrology curriculum. From this a new wave of students emerged, most notable are Maria Mateuse and Chris Brennan. I arrived in Oct and stayed for about a year. I was familiar with Cumberland having been in and out of Ellen's house on some weekends for various workshops over the years from the mid 90's up through Robert Hand left the project early on after having participated in it's founding. Robert Zoller was also a founding member of Project Hindsight and returned to Cumberland in spring and stayed until after I left in Oct He stayed in the room just down the hall from me on the west side of Ellen's mansion.

Unfortunately most of the best material is hard to find on the web because it's buried in forums or blogs whose page indexes go too deep which may cause the material to rank lower due to the linear link structure if it's found at all. This is far from a complete account of my writings, but I've preserved some of the best of what I've written here.

Keep in mind that these are epistolary in style. I haven't preserved the exact questions for the most part because most of them are too long for article titles and might in some cases violate the questioner's copyright or confidentiality. So I just shortened them to the main subject matter as you see below which is somewhat similar to how Valens presented his topics in the Anthology. My daughter's Chiron placement is freaking me out.

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Moved: Please let me know the required remedies to be followed as per my son horoscope. Unaspected planets in natal charts 1 2. Masculine and feminine in astrology 1 2.

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I'm confused Forgotten Warrior. Moved: any comments on the chart are welcomed!

Saturn: is it easier to deal with him as you age? Moved: Can you figure out what i look like based on my chart? Very thick and arched eyebrows Mark This Forum Read. View Parent Forum. Search this Forum : Advanced Search. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly.

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